Kelpack Manufacturing is strategically positioned to offer potential customers the opportunity to accomplish a speedy “entry to market” at low cost.

  • Owing to the flexibility and modular layout of the production facilities.
  • The skill and experience of Kelpack’s personnel to rapidly overcome difficulties and meet agreed deadlines.
  • Contract prices are negotiated ranging from:
  • “Full Source” – After agreeing the product and packaging specifications, Kelpack Manufacturing will purchase all components, manufacture, pack and supply according to an agreed quantity and date of delivery (Terms and Conditions will apply).
  • “Conversion Only” – Customer will supply all the raw materials and packaging.
  • Any permutation in between.
  • The company is ISO 22000 FSCC certified.
  • If required, a product development and manufacturing (mixing of dry foods) capability is available to customers.
  • Kelpack Manufacturing are associated with an “Outbound” Storage and Distribution capability equipped to handle all the logistics to the major centres within the Republic of South Africa.

Kelpack Accreditation

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The factory is strategically positioned close to the Durban Port.

This makes Kelpack an ideal manufacturing partner for customers looking to export their products via shipping.

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