• Ribbon Blenders are used to appropriately mix and blend dry solid or powdered components to produce a fine and homogenous mixture. It is especially suitable for blending powders and granules for example jellies, deserts, porridges and spices. Kelpack has the capability to blend batches from 150Kg to 1 500Kg.
  • Piston Filling to fill liquids like syrup in a range from 200 gram to 1 Kg.
  • Horizontal form, fill and seal machines processing mini-portions for dairy and food applications like margarine, spreads, jam, etc., handling a variety of cup designs and filling capabilities of between 5 and 20 grams.
  • Horizontal form, fill and seal machines producing 3 or 4-side sealing pouches ideal for soups, pasta, spices, deserts, etc. Various configurations can be done including dual pouches (separate solid(s) and powders e.g. pasta and sauce) and strip packs.
  • Vertical form, fill and seal machines are used for a variety of products, packaging materials and packing weights can range between 30 grams and 1Kg. Filling quantities are measured by either auger, volumetric or basculation and material is sealed by either constant heat or impulse sealing. Filling weights can range between 30 grams and 1Kg.
  • Multilane vertical form, fill and seal continuous-motion machines operating with rotary sealing rollers, to produce rectangular 4-side-seal sachets. Auger fillers are used to fill a variety of products including spices, condiments, dairy products and powder soft drinks.
  • Multilane stick pack machines are used to pack powders in single-serve packs with a filling range between 3 and 40 grams.
  • Semi-automatic canister and tub filling lines to fill various shape containers with products like spices, soups and sauce powders. Auger fillers are used to fill weights between 100 gram and 1 Kg.
  • Manual auger dozers are used to hand fill various pre-formed pouches including doypack and bulk bags with soup, soya, castor sugar, icing sugar, cocoa powder, etc. Servo driven for accurate filling weights between 100g and 5 Kg.
  • Date coders are essential to mark products with best before, manufacturing dates and batch numbers for traceability. Various methods are used including thermal transfer and video jet technology.
  • Ancillary equipment include collator and shrink wrap machines, labellers, cartoners, case sealers, metal detectors, magnets, x-ray unit, load cells, multi-head weigher, cross feeding hoppers, etc.

Stick Packs


We have an extensive FMCG customer base covering Multi-National and local companies. Contact us today for more info about our client base.


Kelpack Manufacturing is strategically positioned to offer potential customers the opportunity to accomplish a speedy “entry to market” at low cost


We specialize in high volume, multi-unit food manufacturing adhering to the strictest food safety standards as required by our customers.

The factory is strategically positioned close to the Durban Port.

This makes Kelpack an ideal manufacturing partner for customers looking to export their products via shipping.

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